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Skulpturálně bukální liftingová masáž obličeje

Pod názvem skulpturálně bukální liftingová masáž se skrývá revoluční facelifting bez použití skalpelu a jehel! Omlazující metoda vyvinutá uznávaným terapeutem Yakovem Gershkovichem se zaměřuje na svaly v obličeji i dekoltu a pozitivně působí na hluboké vrstvy epidermis. Dopřejte své pokožce tu nejlepší péči. Odmění se vám svým zářivým vzhledem a pružností, vyrýsovanými konturami obličeje a pocitem naprostého uvolnění.


Sculptural buccal lifting facial massage

Under the name of sculptural buccal lifting massage is a revolutionary facelift without the use of a scalpel and needles! Developed by renowned therapist Yakov Gershkovich, this rejuvenating method targets the muscles of the face and décolletage and positively affects the deep layers of the epidermis. Treat your skin to the best care. It will reward you with its radiant appearance and elasticity, sculpted facial contours, and a feeling of complete relaxation.


What makes sculptural buccal lifting massage so special?

You can enjoy a unique manual massage, without the use of devices and other equipment. Simply the experienced hands of a professional who uses learned movements to stimulate the flow of lymph, then massage the surface of the face and then the deeper layers of the skin. Muscles that cannot be accessed from the outside are worked. Therefore, the therapist needs to put his hands in your mouth and massage the deep muscles of the face from inside the oral cavity. It is the internal or buccal massage that is a very effective facial rejuvenation technique. It is performed in three steps.

Regular massage will slow down the aging process and the facial contours will be tightened. Facelifting without invasive interventions.

Sculptural buccal lifting massage in the love your skin salon in three steps:

  1. The entire treatment begins with cleansing and toning the skin. First, we use the cleansing and toning lotion, then we apply a nourishing oil. Now we can proceed with the first phase of the massage.

  2. The first phase is done only on the surface of the skin. We stimulate the flow of lymph in all parts of the face, massaging all the muscles for maximum relaxation and giving you a feeling of complete relaxation and well-being.

  3. We move on to the second, intensive phase of the treatment. It is performed in three lines, namely in the lower cheeks, then we move on to the cheekbones and finish with stimulation in the eyebrow area. In this phase, we massage and stimulate the inside of the oral cavity. We are able to work on deep, hard-to-reach muscles that clients have tightened, very often due to stress. The result is a completely lifted, tightened contours, and a foamy complexion. Facelifting without a scalpel!

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