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Cosmetic treatment with Biologique Recherche

The prestigious cosmetic brand Biologique Recherche is globally recognized and successful for its stunning results. It adheres to proven procedures and treatments using only pure and concentrated natural ingredients. Make an appointment with our skincare specialists and treat yourself to exactly the treatment your skin deserves.


Discover the magic of Biologique Recherche

We'll let you in on the secret of why Biologique Recherche's exclusive cosmetics have such fantastic rejuvenating effects:

  • All products have been developed in a specialized laboratory.

  • Exclusively pure concentrated ingredients in their original state

  • No artificial fragrances

  • Innovative and proven procedures and treatments to counteract the signs of aging

  • Top-quality, tailor-made cosmetic care for all clients - thanks to the Skin Instant Lab's instrumental diagnostics

  • Products complement each other with original massage techniques and the Remodeling Face© Machine

  • Immediately visible results

  • Scalpel-free facelift


The unique Biologique Recherche treatment method


  1. Evaluation phase
    Biologique Recherche specialists will carefully examine your skin to find out what it specifically needs. This is the only way they can recommend the most suitable tailor-made cosmetic treatment for you.

  2. Initiation phase
    During this phase, specialists cleanse and prepare the skin to fully restore the natural regenerative properties of the epidermis - the skin's topmost layer. The epidermis is like our protective barrier. That's why we reward it with proper care.

  3. Treatment phases
    In the third step, we apply products with a high concentration of active ingredients. Their aim is to thoroughly renew the epidermis and activate the regenerative properties and deeper skin structures. After the treatment, your skin will regain its elasticity, natural healthy tone, shape, and contours. Treat yourself to a youthful and radiant appearance!

Professional care in the
love your skin salon will pamper you in seven steps:

  1. Individual and thorough skin diagnosis - determination of Skin Instant© (the current condition of your skin)

  2. Relaxation - welcome massage and removal of impurities and makeup with cleansing lotion

  3. Skin preparation - application of Lotion to compare the natural pH of the epidermis

  4. Mask application - to stimulate your skin

  5. Remodeling Face Machine - combines four jets to improve the volume and overall brightening of the skin

  6. A special mix of Authentic Serums - prepared by an esthetician to suit your skin's exact needs

  7. Final phase - application of Biologique Recherche creams and Finishing Serums for maximum treatment effect


Premium SkinCare works on six levels:

  1. Cellular regeneration
    Promotes deep skin regeneration and renews the epidermis. Protects cells and extends their life.

  2. Structure and volume
    Improves functional fiber construction, actively participates in regaining facial volume and skin tone, and improves the skin's resistance to gravity.

  3. Firming
    The firming platform helps improve viscoelasticity to achieve skin tone and firmness.

  4. Wrinkles
    Modifies the expression of progerin, a marker of premature skin aging that accumulates with age. The goal is to smooth facial features, reduce the size and depth of wrinkles and slow the formation of new ones.

  5. Pigment spots
    Enriched with active ingredients against pigment spots, it reduces pigmentation irregularities and prevents the phenomenon of photoaging. Reduces the formation of new pigment spots. Evens and softens the skin, leaving it radiant and bright.

  6. Protection
    Protects mitochondrial DNA and epidermal stem cells. Promotes lipid synthesis in the epidermal cement, improving the skin barrier to effectively fight negative external factors.

SkinCare Never Ends

The condition of our skin changes several times a day. So the artificial division of skin into normal, dry, or oily is not accurate. In fact, at any one time, skin in different zones can appear balanced and dehydrated, but also prone to excessive sebum secretion. Inappropriate products can do more harm than good. At the same time, air pollution, stress, hormones, age... All these factors are targeted by the Biologique Recherche methodology. Our experts monitor how your skin develops during the treatment. This is the only way they can recommend the most suitable products for your Skin Instant© (a current skin condition).

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