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Mesotherapy works as an elixir of youth

This French beauty brand strives to understand the signals your skin sends out in order to perfect skin care protocols. Our therapists prepare each treatment individually for clients according to the current skin condition.


The very gentle dermatological method of needling brings innovative methods to cosmetic treatments. It revives the natural processes in the skin, activates the formation of new collagen fibers and elastin, and quickly transports effective nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, by cleansing the skin with a special massaging treatment, toxins and metabolic products that accumulate in the tissue are eliminated. The result is younger, firmer, and more beautiful skin on the face, neck, décolleté, or the backs of the hands.



Mesotherapy in the love your skin
salon in seven steps:

  1. Relaxation - welcome massage and removal of impurities and make-up with cleansing milk, preparation of the face, and décolleté for the treatment

  2. Skin preparation - application of serum to balance the natural pH of the epidermis

  3. Application of acid peel on the face and décolleté

  4. First massage with the device - gentle brushes remove the layer with dead cells

  5. Application of effective dermatological serums to the deeper skin structures of the face and décolleté

  6. Application of effective dermatological serums to the deeper structures of wrinkles around the eyes and other deep wrinkles using a special attachment

  7. Final stage - clarifying transparent mask under blue light

The painless treatment begins with skin stimulation. After the application of the acid peel, we gently peel off the dead layer of the skin with special bristles, which facilitates the subsequent penetration of active substances into its deeper structures. This is a depth of several microns, so you do not have to worry about damaging active cells and capillaries.

We then gently apply effective dermatological serums into the deepest layers of the dermis using a special device with microneedles. The procedure is followed by relaxation under a blue light in a transparent mask, which will soothe your skin thanks to the effects of the active substances.

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