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a special massage, performed with wooden rollers

Using wooden rollers, even pressure is exerted on the treated area - and thanks to their different shapes, the fatty tissue in the subcutaneous tissue is stimulated, which leads to the desired better blood circulation, which is necessary for detoxification of the body and removal of unwanted substances from the body. It is precisely because of the improperly functioning lymphatic system that waste substances are retained, which are eventually the source of cellulite.

We recommend an intensive course of 5-10 consecutive massages.

The frequency of the massages is entirely up to you, but it is recommended to attend twice a week for maximum effect.


  • pregnancy, postpartum period and breastfeeding

  • varicose veins, unhealed scars

  • superficial inflammation

  • oncological diseases

  • thrombosis and heart disease

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breaks down fat deposits

rids the body of any irregularities

stimulates the lymphatic system

rids the body of toxins

reduces body volume

(abdomen, legs, hips, buttocks, arms)

tightens the skin and relaxes the muscles

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